When you’re investing in transforming your outdoor environment, you’ll want peace of mind knowing you’re engaging with an expert.

Someone with a proven track record of delivering high quality landscapes, both in design and installation.

You can rest easy with Michael. With over 25 years of landscape design and build experience in Auckland and N.Z. wide, he has an in-depth design knowledge, construction experience and project management skills to ensure your vision becomes a reality.

Why we’re different


Project Management

A great landscape starts with a great design and bringing it to life requires expert management. Michael is a highly organised project manager with proven processes for getting the job completed in a way that requires minimal input from the client.

Michael is also the one point of contact.

He calls on an extensive group of top quality contractors who concentrate on specific areas of the build, for example, the excavations, retaining walls, paving, lighting and irrigation. Michael coordinates the work when and where it’s needed, without any need for client involvement. In essence, he takes away the headaches and deals with any issues should they arise.

We're Hands On

Not many (if any) landscape designers participate in the construction of their designs. In this respect, Michael is quite different. When the landscape is being built Michael applies his construction expertise and knowledge and actively engages in the development of the landscape.

Which means he can manage his team more efficiently and keep a close eye on progress. And because he’s created the design, he can ensure the delivery matches the original vision, both in terms of quality and specification.


We Listen

It is essential that we understand what you want to achieve and know how you want your new landscape to connect with your home and the existing elements of your property. We take great care to clarify our clients’ goals and then apply our expertise to provide you with a landscape you will love.

Ready to get started on your landscaping project?