Resource Consent

Boardwalk Hero

Boardwalk Passage

This garden was overrun with a mish-mash of plants, had drainage problems and was completely uninviting. The clients sought a low maintenance solution without a lawn.

Clean Lines Hero

Clean and Continuous Lines

A clean garden layout has been defined by a continuous brick mowing strip and level lawn replacing a messy, high maintenance garden.

Contemporary Courtyard Hero

Contemporary Courtyard

The client requested that maintenance was kept to an absolute minimum for this entrance courtyard.

Epsom Entrance Hero

Epsom Entrance Garden

A new garage needed a simple, functional link to the front door. The landscape design formed an integral part of the resource consent application.

Nikau Palm Hero

Nikau Palm Courtyard

The client was unsure where to start but knew their elevated courtyard had a great deal of potential to add to their lifestyle and property value.

Pink Paved Pool Hero

Pink Paved Pool

A conceptualised landscape from the plans, that included a swimming pool, paving layout, relocated spa, parking, fencing, screening from the neighbours, a garden and street appeal.

Pool Above Cox Bay Hero

Pool Above Bay

With very limited space the client wished to maximise their outdoor living while establishing privacy above a busy road.

Spa Pool Haven Hero

Spa Pool Haven

The client desired a spa pool amongst a planted oasis in their small backyard.

Urban Sculpture Park Hero

Urban Sculpture Park

The owners love entertaining and desired an attractive easy care garden with seamless indoor-outdoor flow that maximised the available entertaining and living areas.

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City Hinterland Hero

City Hinterland

With a new home and horses, this landscape plan needed to cater for outdoor living needs and animal requirements.

Green Boundaries Hero

Green Boundaries

The stunning coastal landscapes of New Zealand require a sympathetic response to the design of the landscape.

Modern Coastal Hero

Modern Coastal

Native plants play a significant role in our coastal environment and this resource consent planting plan used a combination.

Wanaka Page Hero

Mountain Outlook

You can’t compete with the views in Wanaka, so when designing the landscape for this home we exercised restraint.

Taranaki Poolside Hero

Taranaki Poolside

Well considered positioning was given to this pool for a new house on a former paddock overlooking the Tasman Sea.

Ridgeline Hero

Whangateau Ridgeline

On this steep site, we identified the most appropriate areas suited for various landscape design elements.

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Social Space Hero

Business Social Space

This outdoor area has been designed to be an attractive lunch and passive recreation environment for the workers

Apartments Hero

New Apartments

We designed the planting to surround the clean lines of this high end residential development designed by Herbst Architects.

Refreshed Business Hero

Refreshed Business Premises

The effects of this well designed and well implemented commercial landscape is a quality that portrays a positive image.

Stormwater Hero

Stormwater Pond Reserve

To establish an ecosystem and make a lasting environmental contribution is a great opportunity.

Theoaks Hero

The Oaks

In addition to fulfilling the resource consent requirements, the developer also wished to create a subdivision that felt established.

Townhouse Hero

Townhouse Development

Site coverage regulations were a constraint so the landscape was designed to provide a clean, simple, modern and functional look.

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