Clean and Continuous Lines


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A clean garden layout has been defined by a continuous brick mowing strip and level lawn replacing a messy, high maintenance garden.

  • Formation of a level lawn incorporating a spa pool and raised vegetable gardens
  • An entirely new low maintenance planting scheme
  • Paths that form connections between the entrance, deck and lawn
  • A garden that ultimately complements and extends the house
Clean And Continuous Lines
Clean And Continuous Lines
Clean And Continuous Lines
Clean And Continuous Lines
Clean And Continuous Lines
Clean And Continuous Lines 6

“Our garden was a blank canvas, unattractive with an expired play hut. We knew it could be so much more but had no idea what to do so contacted Michael Wheatcroft of Form & Foliage. Our brief to Michael was very brief to say the least; we wanted outdoor lighting and a passion fruit vine.

After presentation of the preliminary landscape plan we were inspired to incorporate a spa pool. The thorough and creative design process enabled us to consider the options for the spa pool and during the course of construction we also decided to add two raised vegetable gardens. The landscaping also included decking, paths, concrete, a small pergola, mowing strips, stone letterboxes planting and lawns. Everything has been expertly constructed.

Our garden is now an outdoor extension of our home, with the spa pool tucked away where we can sit back, relax and look back on the house. We are very happy to recommend the team at Form & Foliage.”

Murray Smith & Susan Nemith

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