Spa Pool Haven


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The client desired a spa pool amongst a planted oasis in their small backyard.

  • The spa pool was located to enjoy the view looking back towards the house.
  • Sub tropical and native plants closely surround the elements of the garden creating a lush environment.
  • The garden bed was given depth to create the impression of a bigger space.
  • The line of symmetry of the villa extends into the garden where an asymmetrical balance has been achieved.
  • The clients lifestyle requirements have been fulfilled by good utilisation of a small area.
Spa Pool Haven
Spa Pool Haven
Spa Pool Haven
Spa Pool Haven
Spa Pool Haven
Spa Pool Haven 5

“My husband and I had always wanted a subtropical garden, a real sanctuary to come home and escape to. We went to the home show and surveyed the many landscape artists, choosing who we thought was the perfect designer. Unfortunately what we received was several poor and unrealistic designs, at a very exorbitant price.

Then a friend suggested Michael from Form & Foliage – he was an absolute godsend! Michael designed the perfect tranquil garden – just what we’d imagined. He listened impeccably, made wonderful suggestions and followed the brief to a tee. What’s more he did it with incredible flair and style, and came in right on budget. We’ll definitely be using Form & Foliage to create our next oasis -regardless of the fact we now live in Sydney!”

Kelly Swanson-Roe

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